Douglas B. Rasmussen

rasmussen-banner3Dr. Rasmussen is a professor of philosophy at St. John’s University in New York.

Douglas Rasmussen: What can libertarians learn from Aristotle?

Douglas Rasmussen: The Evolution of Liberalism

An interview with philosopher Douglas B. Rasmussen about his life and work. 


Why did you become a philosopher? [00:18]
Where did you go to college? [1:02]
Why does liberal society need a philosophical basis? [1:17 ]
What is your argument for liberty? [2:44]


Previous question continued [00:09]
Which historical philosophers have you learned most from? [6:08]
How do those issues of metaphysics connect to liberalism? [8:15]
Which major historical philosophers do you most disagree with? [11:28]


What is the hardest philosophical problem you are working on now?[00:08]
What is the most challenging criticism of your views? [2:43]
What is the state of liberal thought today among philosophers? [4:36]
To bring about a more liberal society, what key practical steps can and should be taken? [6:30]

Douglas Rasmussen on Natural Goodness

Douglas Rasmussen on the Morality and Role of Capitalism
mp3 version of this lecture here:

Douglass Rasmussen on Rights, Law & Morality
mp3 version of this lecture here:

Dr. Douglas B. Rasmussen – The Philosophy of Ayn Rand



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